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:: vibrants ::

Basque has two vibrant phonemes in the alveolar area:


The phonemic character of these elements is only manifest in intervocalic position, as it is neutralised in the other positions. The vibrant do not appear in initial position,except for non-assimilated loans.

The vibrant phonemes occur in different variants: the most important ones are the approximant [ɹ] (preferably in intervocalic position) and the assibilated [ɾ̌] (in plosive position, especially final and sibilant).

In the Iparralde dialects and due to the influence of French, there also exists a uvular vibrant [ʀ] that tends to substitute the alveolar one. In Souletin the loss of the simple intervocalic vibrant has also occurred- except for a few exceptions due to homophony. All in all, the phonemic situation of these elements is vague.
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