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:: The Middle Ages ::

1. Extension X century
2. Extension XVI-XVIII centuries
3. Extension XIX century
4. Extension mid XX century

There are no linguistic testimonies of Basque during the Early Middle Ages. The scarce documentation which is preserved during that time is in Latin. It is most probably during that period that High Rioja and the North of Burgos became Basque due to the emigration of people coming especially from Alava. Iparralde, the Aquitaine territory, became romanized, with the exception of Labourdi, Basse Navarre and Soule.

During the Late Middle Ages the Basque language came to be used in Huesca and in High Rioja. However, its replacement by the Romance languages, which are formed with certain characteristics of Basque itself, was unstoppable. The first written testimony of the Basque language corresponds to this time: the famous Glosas Emilianenses.

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