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The official language of the Basque territories was firstly Latin (for example, in the XIth century in the old reign of Navarra), and later on, the corresponding Romance language (XIIIth century, in the same reign). The Basque language was recognised as an official language by the Spanish state for the first time in the Statute of Autonomy in 1936, during the Civil War.

"The Basque language, like the Spanish language, will be the official language of the Basque country, and consequently, the official provisions that emanate from the autonomous power will be written in both languages " [Title 1, Article 1, 1936]

Nowadays, in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, both the Basque and the Spanish languages are official and all its inhabitants have the right to know and use both languages [Article 6.1 Statute of the Autonomy].

"1. Euskara, the Basque Country's own language, will be like Spanish an official language in Euskadi, and all its inhabitants have the right to know and use both languages.
2. The Common institutions of the Autonomous Community, while taking into account the sociolinguistic variety of the Basque Country, will guarantee the use of both language by regulating its official character, and they will arbitrate and regulate the necessary measures and means to assure its knowledge.
3. Nobody will be discriminated because of the language "
[Title 1, Article 6, 1979]

In the Statutory Community of Navarre, the Basque language is official in the Basque speaking areas of Navarre.

"1. Spanish is the official language of Navarre.
2. The Basque language will also have official character in the Basque speaking regions. A statutory law will determine these regions, will regulate the official use of Basque, and within the limits of the general law of the Spanish State, it will impose the teaching of this language"
[The Law of Statutory Improvement, Article 9, 1982]

These two communities have posthumously developed the law about this issue with the Basic Law of Normalisation of Basque Usage (1982) in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country and the Basque Law (1986) in the Statutory Community of Navarre.

In the French territories the Basque language has no official recognition.
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