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:: Typology ::

The methods of investigation used by historical linguistics have not been useful to identify and classify the Basque language in a group or family. Therefore, the historical and genetic studies have been relegated. At present, the major efforts are being oriented towards the classification of the natural languages, analysing the proper characteristics of the grammatical construction, i.e. the method of linguistic typology is followed.

This method takes into account the linguistic affinities that could be representative of this group. It also considers the linguistic universals, the constructing mechanism of the language and the possible structural parallelism that might exist due to vicinity. In fact, the Basque language, which is not a Romance language, has a very modern system because of the extended contact it has experienced with the Romance languages of its surroundings. Certain linguistic characteristics are derived from Romance interference; inversely, the Romance languages of its surroundings have also experienced certain evolutions due to Basque influence.

The current state of this kind of studies, which are still developing, does not yet permit the anticipation of definite conclusions about the inclusion of Basque within certain linguistic groups. The studies of influences due to contact are similarly being revised, as they generally correspond to partial works that would need more extensive studies, including all linguistic systems.
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