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The territorial distribution of the dialects coincides neither with the administrative division, nor with the physical barrier of the Pyrenees that constitute the State frontier.
On the contrary, a linguistic North-South continuation exists, and therefore, the bunch of isoglosses marks the difference fundamentally from the East to the West.

The following diatopic distribution corresponds to Bonaparte's. It is based on a global outlook on the dialects. The areas of transition, which are always troublesome and which correspond to the dialectal intersection, only acquire a descriptive value through the isoglosses. However, the existing delimitation adjusts itself quite precisely to the existing dialectal reality.

· Biscayan Dialect It includes the whole Basque speaking territory of Bizcay, the areas where the variety persists in Alava and the Western territory of Guipuzcoa up to the river Deva.

· Guipuzcoan Dialect It extends form the river Deva to the region of Bidasoa, including the Navarrese territory of Burunda and Ergoyena.

· High Northern Navarrese It goes into the Guipuzcoan territory, following the line from Hondarribia to Errenteria, it includes the Northern part of Navarre up to the valley of Baztan and reaches at the valley of Ulzama in the South.

· High Southern Navarrese It was the dialect which occupied the biggest surface in the XIX century. Nowadays it has been reduced to the valleys of Erro and Esteríbar to the East of Navarra.

· Labourdin Dialect It is spoken in the area of Labourdi, except for the Northern and Eastern parts.

· Low Western Navarrese Dialect It extends form the Eastern part of Labourdi to the East of Basse Navarre, including the Navarrese valley of Aezcoa in the South.

· Low Eastern Navarrese Dialect It consists of the Northern part of Labourdi, the Eastern part of Basse Navarre and the Navarrese valley of Salazar.

· Souletin Dialect It embraces the territory of Zuberoa; also including as a subdialect the speech of the Navarrese valley of Roncal, which has now disappared.

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